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Available in firm, medium, or plush varieties, our hybrid mattresses offer the latest in balance. Premium memory foam cradles your body while the independently working coils absorb to ergonomically conform to keep you comfortable and supported throughout the night. Our mattresses also include built-in TEMPTEC fabric and TruGel technology to absorb excess heat and help you fall asleep faster. Most gel mattresses simply used gel-infused memory foam that have 80% memory foam and 20% gel beads. Our TruGel Technology has an entire top layer of 100% gel to give you the coolest sleep possible. It’s a more costly way to make the mattress but, you’ll sleep cool and comfortable knowing you have the coolest sleeping bed on the market.

TEMPTEC™ fabric removes humidity within the sleep environment and provides a cooler sleep surface improves the quality of your sleep all night long. A solid layer of TruGel® absorbs your body heat faster than traditional gel products, allowing your body to transition to sleep faster

Premium memory foam responds to the weight of the body, eliminating pressure points and providing relief to aches and pains.

Each pre-compressed, wrapped coil works independently to cradle your body and keep you in a comfortable, ergonomic position

Our body support base was engineered to act as a “shock absorber” and cradle the weight of your body while supporting bone structure

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