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  • Evan K.

    San Antonio, TX

    "I used to sleep hot. I'm like a furnace. Got the fan going all the time even in the winter. But with the Superior Sleep bed I don’t sweat anymore—I sleep much more soundly. The pillows seem to be cooler too. I'm a happy camper."

  • Cheryl R.

    Lexington, KY

    "I struggle with allergies and many nights had trouble breathing. Now I can adjust my bed to just the right height so I can open my airway more and rest. I cannot imagine sleeping without my bed. I get it set and snuggle in. It is perfect sleeping!"

  • Linda R.

    Jamesville, NY

    My husband and I love our bed. I have lupus and have had three back surgeries. We thought that we would try a new bed and see if it would help. It was such a relief! My back is so much better. What's even nicer is that on top of the back relief, when my husband snores, which he is a horrible snorer, I just raise the bed and no more snoring!

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