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  • Adjustable Beds

    Get your Superior Sleep Adjustable bed today at one of our hundreds of nationwide shows and events where you will get show specials and group discounts that we offer nowhere else—not even on this website! Or click below to contact us on how to get a new adjustable bed and one of our no-pressure, knowledgeable staff will contact you.

    25 Year Warranty

  • Linens

    With the look of distinction and the feel of luxury, these bed linens combine superior materials with innovative technologies to bring you sheets that are as comfortable as they are beautiful.

  • Mattress Protectors

    Lab certified with a 15-year warranty, these mattress protectors instill confidence that everything beneath your sheets is clean and safe from bed bugs, dust mites, liquids, and allergens.

  • Mattresses

    Lab certified with a 25-year warranty, our premium quality hybrid mattresses offer industry leading comfort and temperature control.

  • Pillows

    When it comes to sleep, finding the right pillow can make all the difference. With over 200 options, we have a pillow that’s made for you.

Top Products

We’re constantly creating new products and bolstering existing items to offer a full range of sleep goods that deliver personalized comfort for every sleep personality.

Good Sleep is Vital to Your Health

Most people do not realize how health issues are connected to something they do (or don’t do) everyday—sleep!

Sleep plays an important role in your physical health. Sleep is significantly involved in the healing and repair of your heart and blood vessels.

Superior Sleep Experience is committed to providing you with the best comfort and best sleep experience possible—at the guaranteed lowest price! Superior Sleep Experience does something different that NO ONE else is doing: High quality beds at a discounted price — a price we guarantee won’t be beat or we will give you the difference.



Superior Sleep Experience has the best beds, the best prices and the best customer service. This is our business model:

  • The highest quality beds.

  • The best mattress for support of your back to insure proper sound sleep.

  • The beds with the newest and most useful features.

  • Beds that are ALWAYS and ONLY delivered factory direct.

  • Person to person non-pushy sales representatives.

  • The best customer service.

  • And the fastest technicians in the industry available to come to your home nationwide with a simple phone call if you ever have any trouble.




See what our customers think...

  • Evan K.

    San Antonio, TX

    "I used to sleep hot. I'm like a furnace. Got the fan going all the time even in the winter. But with the Superior Sleep bed I don’t sweat anymore—I sleep much more soundly. The pillows seem to be cooler too. I'm a happy camper."

  • Cheryl R.

    Lexington, KY

    "I struggle with allergies and many nights had trouble breathing. Now I can adjust my bed to just the right height so I can open my airway more and rest. I cannot imagine sleeping without my bed. I get it set and snuggle in. It is perfect sleeping!"

  • Linda R.

    Jamesville, NY

    My husband and I love our bed. I have lupus and have had three back surgeries. We thought that we would try a new bed and see if it would help. It was such a relief! My back is so much better. What's even nicer is that on top of the back relief, when my husband snores, which he is a horrible snorer, I just raise the bed and no more snoring!