2.5" Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

MSRP $149.99

Featuring a 2.5" comfort layer of gel-infused memory foam, this mattress topper offers superior cooling and provides relief from heat and sleeping pressures. Utilizing a pin-core design, the gel memory foam is ventilated to increase air flow and regulate sleeping temperature. The soft, supportive consistency of the memory foam quickly conforms to the body, cushioning hips and shoulders. Protecting the topper is a super-soft, removable rayon from bamboo cover ensuring a cooler sleep temperature.
  • Gel-infused cooling
  • Ventilated for increased airflow
  • Conforming support with cooling gel
  • 2.5" thick gel-infused memory foam offers superior cooling
  • Ventilated to increase air flow and regulate sleeping temperature
  • Soft, supportive consistency quickly conforms to the body
  • Super-soft, removable rayon from bamboo cover

Memory Foam

Conforms to body shape and distributes weight evenly to provide the pressure-relief memory foam is known for.

Dough® Memory Foam

Our exclusive formula of premium memory foam is more responsive, exceptionally supportive and has a slower recovery time than typical memory foam.
Dimensions (inches) Height (inches)
Cal King 72 x 84 2.5
Full 53 x 75 2.5
King 76 x 80 2.5
Queen 60 x 80 2.5
Twin 38 x 75 2.5
Twin Xl 38 x 80 2.5
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